Licensed Builder

We are a licensed builder in two areas - Commercial and Domestic.


As well as the actual construction process, Commercial Builders will examine clients' plans and documents, tender for projects, submit plans to a Building Surveyor for approval and organise inspections of building work.

As a Commercial Builder, Mark is licensed to perform and arrange any commercial building project including shopping centres, offices, factories and industrial complexes.


To perform domestic building work worth more than $10,000 in Victoria, a practitioner must be registered and approved by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). Only individuals are eligible for registration, not businesses or organisations.

Mark has the highest of three certifications available in Victoria, namely Domestic Builder – Unlimited (DB—U). This allows him to personally carry out, manage or arrange for sub-contractors to carry out all domestic building work.

Hence, we are licensed to build residential projects from single storey developments to multi-level buildings classified as domestic.

If you need someone with wide experience in building projects, give Mark a call on 03 9857 0357. I'm sure we can help.

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